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Service Request and Problem Reporting Service

To use this service, please follow the instructions below to submit a new service request or problem report or to look up a previously submitted service request or problem report.

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 For problem reporting of an urgent nature - please call (509) 585-4419.

Public Utility
Quality concerns such as the taste, odor, or color. Water delivery problems such as leaks in the main or service lines, or water running in the street. Water meter damage to the meter or meter box. Water pressure problems of too low or too high. Water service needs for turning on or off at the main.

Odor problems or pests present such as rodents or bugs. Sewer utility problems such as backups, raw sewage, any overflow of sewage in the streets, or facililty problems such as damage to manholes or missing manhole lids.

Street flooding from storm water, or storm water overflowing from drains, drywells or catchment basins.

Pavement issues such as; potholes, severe cracking, or missing asphalt. Problems with the sidewalks such as; heaving, cracking, settling, or buckling. Street hazards such as excessive debris in the street or right-of-way. Street problems with graffiti on the street or structures.

Report any vandalism or graffiti on the playgrounds, park buildings, or park facilities. Report any problems found with the playground toys, facilities, irrigation, or park buildings.

Submit general traffic questions or report problems such as burned out street lights, or non-urgent issues with traffic signals, school beacons, street signing, or striping. Street visibility obstructions due to trees, bushes, vehicles, or fences.

Customer Service
Please submit any questions, comments, suggestions or requests not found in the lists above to the City.

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Lookup Service Request
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